Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wilson and History

My grandmother, Hattie Kruger, is shown above just prior to her arrest and incarceration without trial by Woodrow Wilson and his minions. They became the Lorton 7, jailed for demanding the vote, force fed with rubber hoses, and watered down with fire hoses. Left to rot until Wilson in his regal manner decided to send them on their way.

So I am amazed to find the Times finally coming to the realization that this dyed in the wool Virginian from 19th Century roots may have had a checkered past as far as it goes. One wonders where the women have been for the past fifty years and why now it come to light that perhaps he is not the type of person one may want to honor.

History has a way of slowly getting to the point. And one of the points is that Wilson was not a really nice person. Hopefully Princeton gets the point.

Unlike some, I never thought there could be a for and against Princeton or any other institution keeping a Wilson accolade. His actions with women and African Americans are the antithesis of what American stands for, or at least should. Removal is the only alternative and it is an imperative.

Oh and yes, Happy Thanksgiving!