Monday, December 21, 2015

In Case You Missed This

Every once in a while I recall something that is of note. Back in January Modern Healthcare reported:

The Obama administration wants 30% of payments for traditional Medicare benefits to be tied to alternative payment models such as accountable care organizations by the end of 2016. The administration also has set a goal of hitting 50% by the end of 2018. The administration wants even larger portions of hospital payments to be tied to quality- or value-based payment models. HHS indicated that it wants 85% of Medicare's hospital payments made through programs such as the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program or the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program by the end of 2016. That threshold kicks up to 90% two years later. It is the first time that the federal agency has set specific goals for overhauling the payment system for standard Medicare beneficiaries, which has traditionally relied on a fee-for-service model. That system has long been criticized for providing economic incentives for providers to offer a greater volume of care regardless of outcomes. Currently, 20% of Medicare payments for traditional beneficiaries are made through alternative payments models, which also include bundled payment arrangements, according to HHS.

This is the first time we have seen specific targets. The current Administration wants to push all on Medicare to the equivalent of HMOs. Take them off what they have and slam them into an HMO or rationing type system. If you are too old, albeit healthy, if you get ill, perhaps you die. Too bad! You no longer have any choice.

Hopefully this madness will be gone in another year. Then all we have to worry about is the Terrorists that don't exist. "Keep moving, nothing to see here!"