Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sometimes Smart People Do Stupid Things, Now Amazon

I generally like Amazon. Good quality, good prices and good service. I also like to look at the Reviews, five star and one star. All too often the five star are plants but they are obvious. Sometimes the one star are just annoyed. Also ready to catch.

But now Amazon has done one of the stupidest things ever. The went and totally destroyed the reader feedback function. Some character decided to remove all data from Profile reviews and then sce the reviews, remove responses, remove useful and not useful, in essence remove all feedback. One suspects they did so for mobile users.

But you see, I would never use a mobile device. Moreover they made these changes without ever asking. Reviewers really add value. Disregard the Reviewers and you Destroy Value. Dumb? You bet!

So there must be some Media Manager at Amazon with some Ego driven need to do it their way. Guys, get rid of that person. Remember your customers are your value, not the character who most likely had their Ego in a twit over their way or the highway!

Remember; if all else fails listen to the customer. (Could someone tell Bezos! He gets most other things. Get rid of this person now. Otherwise this person will cost Amazon Millions if no Billions!)

As I had noted:

Profiles, as I see them, have two functions.

1. They provide the reader with some understanding of who the person is reviewing the item.

2. They provide the reviewer with an easy means to track the response to their reviews, to see what is useful and what is not.

I think that the new version provides neither of the two. Change is the result of either correcting or improving. However in this case, change just seems to make things worse and of little use to either the reader or reviewer. Frankly one wonders why this was done and what it was to achieve. If it ain't broke please don't fix it!

Also for those folks in Marketing: Remember, if all else fails, listen to the customer!