Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 May Be a Total Mess

As we have watched the last seven plus years we again come back to the >7% drop tonight in China. Let's see:

1. China is now down 15% this week alone.

2. The US Markets may likely collapse another 400 points Thursday

3. Iran and Saudi may start swapping God knows what.

4. North Korea is exploding test bombs targeted for California.

5. California is now being flooded after a well you know.

6. Guns will be restricted by fiat, or something like that.

7. Heroin is becoming the drug of choice

8. We have rampant terror rings in Asia, Africa, Europe, and yes a few here.

9. Health care costs are going through the roof, while payments under Medicare a dropping below the basement.

10. The FED will now raise interest rates significantly.

11. The percent of the population considered employable is the lowest since the early 60s, namely there are millions doing nothing and getting a free ride on the backs of the working old folks.

Yep, things are just really great!

Welcome to an election year.....