Sunday, March 27, 2016

Forces on the Nano Scale

The book by Butt and Kappl is a must have for anyone working in the field of surface interactions, especially the developments of nano technologies. The classic work was done to understand colloidal solutions and their dynamics, often lasting many decades, and also the issue related to van der Waals forces. The development of the quantum understanding expressed in London forces as well as the various varieties developed over the past few decades are both highlighted and detailed in this work.

The first major Chapter is on van der Waals forces and its derivatives. The authors have a wonderful style combining simple explanations along with detailed but readily understandable derivations. The clarity of the work is truly exceptional. One can almost see the Gecko feet adhering to the walls as they climb!

The Third Chapter details measurement techniques. Again the authors present the principles employed in a clear and readily understandable manner and then progress to explain the actual implementation.

They then move through electrostatic forces, capillary forces, hydrodynamic forces, and inter facial forces. All are explained simply and then in detail. They continue with such topics as friction and polymers surface energies.

Although this is presented as a text book it is truly an exceptional reference work because of both its breath and depth.

My only issue is that perhaps they could have discussed some of the specific applications to nano materials. Specific materials such as nano Selenium where one tries to best understand the surface stickiness on the one hand and the bacteriostatic behavior on the other.

Overall this book is a necessity for anyone working in the area of intermolecular forces and their impact on adhesion and interaction.