Monday, March 7, 2016

Spy vs Spy

Ad Blockers have become a common thing. I use Badger on Firefox. One can see masses of white space where the ads were before being blocked. I now see that Wired senses the ad blockers and then blocks the page. Cute game, but I just switch to somethi9ng else.

The worst of these techniques is the pop up video, silently I work, check out a headline on Feedly and then WHAM! Blasting video. Now stopped by Badger.

Do these people really think that if I accept the ads I will in any way be persuaded. Rather to the contrary.

How do I find things? Well look at Lookeen, I had an indexing problem. Most likely some Microsoft update on W7. Killed Google Desktop. So I searched Google for an alternative and got a better result. Did I ever see them in an ad? No. Would I have responded to an ad? No.

Marketing folks really do not understand the consumer dynamic. Pity!