Thursday, May 5, 2016

If All Else Fails Listen to the Customer

I used that phrase many times to explain why things did not turn out the way they should have. The analog in Medicine is a paraphrase of Osler which is "If all else fails listen to the patient!" I have seen that one many times.

The NY Times states regarding the Trump win:

But in the end, you have to point the finger at national political journalism, which has too often lost sight of its primary directives in this election season: to help readers and viewers make sense of the presidential chaos; to reduce the confusion, not add to it; to resist the urge to put ratings, clicks and ad sales above the imperative of getting it right.

 Now I try to avoid Presidential politics but this paragraph just stands out. The Times appears to despise Trump and day after day they have been slamming him mercilessly. Ok that's their prerogative. But then to say that their job is to help us poor voters to make sense, it is their very slamming that educates the voters!

Perhaps one should regain composure and ask why this has occurred, a business man who never spent a femtosecond in Government now becoming the putative candidate. Whether you are trying to sell a product or heal a patient you cannot insist that they adhere to your way of dealing with things. The new media has created a distortion field. Yes as the Times notes telephone polls are useless. The young do not answer and the older folks have call blocking. That leaves the middle ground who will most likely say anything! Garbage in etc.

This will be an interesting campaign. It appears that even the establishment does not seem to get it. The alleged "principles" are actually dictated by the public, and apparently they are on the prowl.