Sunday, May 15, 2016

Is This Global Warming?


The flower measured above is pictured below taken this AM.
For thirty years we have been recording the date of first bloom on a selected set of species plants and Hemerocallis is excellent. H minor is an early bloomer and we have about 25 years worth of data. The chart shows the days from the first of the year that the plat bloomed. Now blooming is driven by two factors; number of daylight hours and average temperature. Clearly there has been no change in daylight hours but a change in ambient temperature.

Thus is this data suggestive, conclusive, just noise? There appears to be a trend but it is a bit too scattered. I cannot explain the differences even though there may be micro-environmental issues. The latter are such things as trees there blocking sun and then removed. Nature is always changing conditions. We also have the total precipitation as well albeit considered small in the case.

Just some thoughts and more to come.