Saturday, May 7, 2016

More on Employment

We have not been examining the details here as we had during the Crash of 08'. But perhaps a re-look as we approach election year is worth it.
First one of my favorite charts is what is Core versus Government. Government here is Government plus Education plus Health Care. You see the ACA, Medicare, Medicaid make them one as well. The ration was about 41% in 05' Now it is 45% and rising again. That means that almost one person works in doing something productive for every person being supported doing Government related things. This means two things. More Government and less real value production.
Looking in more detail we see Ed and Health on a steady climb! It is nu-relentless.  Government is now climbing again as well.
 The above shows all other sectors. It appears better than it looks because it does no reflect a significant population growth.
The above was the split in 2010 and below is today.
It is worth examining the differences.