Monday, May 23, 2016

Prostate Cancer and Older Men

If any man had the nerve to say that only a few women die of breast cancer after 65 so why test any more there would be am uproar. Furthermore if a man wrote this in the NY Times he would be hanged in effigy. However it is OK for a woman to write in the NY Times:

Because most prostate cancer develops slowly, it doesn’t typically threaten survival or cause troubling symptoms for eight to 10 years. Even medical associations that disagree with some of the 2012 conclusions, like the American Urological Association, therefore discourage PSA testing for men with limited life expectancy.

 One should at least see that she uses the word "typically". What if it is NOT typical, then it is OK for the man to die?

Perhaps we could try to get this covered as part of the NY Mayor's speech control, we could fine her say a few million for even thinking such a thought! By the way, what is a limited life expectancy, it all too often is in the eye of the beholder. It should not be some columnist in the NY Times.