Monday, June 27, 2016

Another Slant on Brexit

Greg Mankiw has a pictorial presentation of Brexit in the form of food. I think it is spot on. Anyone who had been in London say in the mid 60s would even appreciate the can of beans. I recall how horrible almost everything was. Faulty Towers was the Four Seasons then. I recall staying at a hotel near Buckingham Palace and had lunch with a colleague since it was down the street from Victoria Station. There must have been 20 people bustling around the dining area and we were the only two customers. Never got served!

Went to a local place and cardboard was better! The only reason England went to war with France was for the food! The only place worse was Ireland, my family knew how to take the green out of any vegetable! Boil it for a few hours or more!

Oh yes, one more thought. To France, get rid of those foreigners, return it to the Neanderthals!