Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bridge vs Trump

The BBC was the first to report the collapse and closure of the Tappan Zee Bridge, a part of the NY State Thruway and one of the four major connectors to New York. In fact a major US Interstate, I87/I287. Millions of cars at a time.

What of the NY Times? Nothing! But there must be two dozen Trump stories. Now perhaps the Times missed Brexit, the BBC did not, but those folks in London caught a major infrastructure calamity in the US largest city. Now perhaps the Times thinks Trump is a bigger calamity, one would think so given their coverage. Or perhaps those who follow the Times all live in a small cluster in Manhattan and may not even know what a bridge is. Could be possible.

Then there is the issue of Civil Engineering 101. The center of gravity of a crane if placed in the incorrect spot can result in a crane collapse. They even have instruments for this. The law suits on this will be fantastic. Then there is the issue that the State just left the old bridge alone because in two years they will have a new one. But when a crane slices the old one in half, try getting to work, to Boston to New York, etc.

Oh yes, RT, the Russian News Outlet also carried a piece. But still no NY Times.