Sunday, July 17, 2016

More on W10

These guys must be in a panic for some reason, possibly not a good one.

PCWorld reports:  

As July 29 gets closer and the free Windows 10 upgrade offer reaches its final days, Microsoft is pulling out all the stops in order to convince users to upgrade. It’s even willing to give you a new laptop. ... Microsoft retail stores are offering to install Windows 10 on any compatible machine for free. If the store’s technicians don’t complete the upgrade by the end of that business day, they’ll give you a free 15-inch Dell Inspiron notebook. The offer runs between now and July 29.

Now as we have reported earlier, W10 knocked out some older software, especially my Chem Draw, not cheap, as well as a half a dozen drivers. We now have 6 W10 machines, all the on line ones, 2 XPs which are old desk hold overs, limited use, and one W7 lab interface. The W7 is blocked from any updates, never goes on line, and connects to all lab equipment. If that crashes the old XPs will work. The W10 systems will not.

So why upgrade? Been there and done that but the driver problem and SW incompatibility is a nightmare. Sorry Redmond, I know you want customers to do it your way but we have a life too. Good thing they do not run the IRS/ Yet!