Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Microsoft and the World

The gross disrespect of their customers continues. As Tech Republic reports:

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which began rolling out on August 2, came with some unfortunate side effects for some users—it killed their webcam. A Windows employee has addressed the issue, but it looks no fix will be available until September. The problem was initially noted by several users a few days after the update went live. Basically, this issue renders USB webcams and network-connected webcams inoperable in programs like Skype or Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), among others. The update also caused some devices to unintentionally freeze up. The reason for this behavior seems to rest in the changes that were made to how the OS access the camera in the Anniversary update. Before the update, only one application could access the camera at a time. With the Anniversary update, also known as version 1607, a new service called the Windows Camera Frame Server allows for multiple connections at once, and that's causing some problems. 

Yep! September, but don't count on that! All those billions of dead web cams, watch Skype just die on the vine.  The will do nothing till September, most likely December. This is in my opinion abject evil. Where are the tort lawyers. This could become the world's largest class action suit!

It would serve Microsoft right to just disappear! Could you imagine what would happen if this were a drug company! Is there a Board somewhere at this useless company!