Sunday, August 7, 2016

Windows 10 New Release

Some how the folks at Microsoft must really hate their customers. Really, really, really!

Windows 10 new update takes 5-10 hours to process! Really. Then you find that your Logitech interfaces no longer function, no video. Then you also find you must re-register some expensive software and hope it takes. It goes on and on. If the developers worked for me it would have been their last day on the job! But after all that seems not to be the case with Microsoft management.

For what? Well the changed the format so you now have to get used to a new layout. Yes folks, you spent a year learning the old one and now you have a new one.

They seem to be the spawn of Satan! Google works the same now as it did fifteen years ago. It just works, although we know a great deal has changed. Yet Microsoft seems to continuously annoy and aggravate its customers.

Stop it guys! Really! We paid for this piece of junk so stop messing around with it. Perhaps it is Seattle. Too much coffee?

Oh yes and one more thing. In the previous incarnation W10 booted very quickly. Now it take 5-8 minutes! On several machines, even a simple laptop! What have these morons done. It is faster to boot an XP machine.