Thursday, September 1, 2016

FCC 600 MHz Spectrum Auction

Watching the Kentucky Derby is worth the time. Nice clothes, good horses, and the outcome is generally uncertain. The race is a simple thing. A bunch of fast horses, good riders, and round track. The first across wins. Simple.

In contrast the FCC auctions are now one of the most bizzare systems ever. Let those academics loose and you get backward and forwards low and high and so forth. Imagine a Kentucky Derby where you run backwards the first time around, then the top ten horses run forward, but only after three months. Oh yes and the riders may change mid stream and even the horse may be replaced by a camel if it is Thursday.

The current FCC 600 MHz auction is worth a watch. The players are the big guys are their surrogates. You see, we condemn the Russian oligarchs but we have our own, the incumbents. Thus even Google does really play here. This is despite their long awakening to the problems with fiber.

It is worth watching this facade, a tax collection process of tens of billions into the Government coffers spent even before it is collected, many times over.