Thursday, September 1, 2016

Yikes, Another Poor ISP

I have been a customer of Verio for well over fifteen years. They gut bought by some conglomerate (see this Site) and some moron decided to switch all servers the day before the Labor Day weekend. Guess what? Crash....

Then you try to get some support....well it is 12 hours off in India and they keep telling me what a wonderful day it is 3AM in Delhi! What day?

So off we go for a ten day set of business meetings trying every configuration under the sun to get and hopelessly try to send emails.

There is a fantastic market here for some company willing to render service. All I wanted was mail in and mail out. Then they also deleted all my history. And not s single warning...and we have had dozens of sites hosted on them and hundreds if not thousands of emails.

Have this folks no shame? In fact try and find out who they even are! Thank God for Google....

There used to be a time when quality was not just some abstract concept but a way of doing business. Not any longer.

No wonder one of the Candidates had their own server...who would trust the Government to secure anything...and the commercial folks are now even worse! It was probably a wise move after all.

I gather that the new parent is Endurance in Burlington Mass. A massive collection of poorly inter-managed ISPs with what appears to be an ever growing collection of disgruntled customers.