Saturday, December 24, 2016

Replace the Rockettes

Perhaps the Rockettes and their Union may like to feel what American manufacturing labor has felt over the last decade. Simple, get Vladimir to send over the Bolshoi. We move from Crass to Class, but there would be some tariff involved I think.

As the NY Times states in its even fully complete coverage of the details of the new President:

The day of statements followed reports that a Rockette was “embarrassed and disappointed” that the decision to perform had been made for her. The dancer’s private Instagram post was published .... and quoted widely by news outlets. That dancer... did not respond to multiple requests for comment on Friday, nor did several of her fellow performers. Not long after those reports, a statement relayed ...a spokeswoman for the Madison Square Garden Company, said that dancers’ appearances are voluntary.

 I suspect that "voluntary" could be transliterated into Russian with a slight change in emphasis. 

Frankly this would be a great step forward in multiculturalism.