Thursday, May 25, 2017

Another Day on Public Transportation!

I try, I really do! Take the train, don't use gas, keep the old CO2 down and all that stuff. Well today was another experience. Train to Hoboken, train to WTC. Now try and get home!

The run trains every three hours. This train made an old Aeroflot Tupolev look like a Rolls Royce!. Roof leaks, really water spraying into the car, windows sealed with duct tape, seats unstable etc. And here is the tale for those of you so anxious to get to New York!

1. From Hoboken to the towns on Mid Town Direct stations, the largest and most wealthiest in NJ, they run once ever 3 hours and are 6 cars long.

2. From Penn Station the same trains run once ever hour and are 12 cars long.

3. Amtrak, that grossly incompetent Government agency, remember the ACA and the VA folks, is closing Penn Station to the MD trains from July to September!

4. That means that somehow these 3 trains totaling 36 cars must get stuffed into one train of 6 cars! That means a 6:1 increase! What will this be, Bombay at holiday season? People grappling to the roof of decrepit cars!

5. Govs Cuomo and Chubby are clueless, really. It is one month away and there is NO Plan! Yep, not a single idea as to what to do! There should be some extensive communications to the citizens as to what will happen. Instead Amtrak and its morons are just closing Penn Station! Yep, just closing it. And frankly who says it will ever reopen! These are Government types, we should know them by now!

6. And where is the Fed Govt, the Senate's head's wife who allegedly is in charge of Transportation is probably off about God knows what, it is not anything about the millions trying to create an economy to pay this exclusive couples salaries and keep them in the style for which they have become accustomed!

Summary. We have an incompetent Government run railroad, with local Governors who appear to be clueless and a Federal agency who is out to lunch. Can the people take over and sub-contract to the Chinese. They seem to have no problems. Please, please China, we can pay you to fix this mess! We can even give you California as a bonus.