Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mabs and CAR-T

Immunotherapy has become an explosive field. We have been focusing on Mabs, which have been around for quite a while, plus CAR-T cells which have been available for about five years. There is an interesting report by Research and Markets which sizes up the CAR=T cell market. They state:

As per report findings, the promise of CAR modified T cell therapy derives from its combined immunologic benefits and include the specificity of a targeted antibody, the ability to expand the T cell population and the potential for long term persistence to facilitate the ongoing tumor surveillance. The success in early phase trials, assess the feasibility of evaluating the treatment modality across the multiple centers and in larger patients. Currently, there are 99 CAR T Cell based therapies in clinical pipeline and most of them belong to Phase-I and Phase-I/II clinical trials. 

We have examined this approach over the past few years and it does present potential. They also note the following players:

12.1 Autolus
12.2 Bellicum
12.3 Bluebird
12.4 Celgene
12.5 Cellectis
12.6 Celyad
12.7 Eureka Therapeutics
12.8 Fortress Biotech
12.9 Immune Therapeutics
12.10 Juno Therapeutics
12.11 Kite Pharma
12.12 Novartis
12.13 Sorrento therapeutics
12.14 TILT Biotherapeutics
12.15 Ziopharm

It is well worth watching this landscape evolve.