Saturday, May 20, 2017

Microsoft Does It Again

In my opinion Microsoft is truly evil. Now that is my personal opinion. I have studied the meaning of evil and especially the work of Augustine and therein I believe I may have a valid opinion.

You see they update W10 again, 1703 "upgrade". Yes, a full complete, five hour upgrade. Dead in the water. Then they moved things around. You see, after 3/4ths of a century I know where things are on my desk. Pens in the right hand drawer, stapler to the top right, phone on top left. And so on. But what do these people do? Change everything as well as the location of everything. I guess they never had a mother who told them to put things back where they belong! The move things, not big moves, but evil little moves.

Then the upgrade kills off expensive software. Drivers do not work, files messed up, etc. One gets to spend a full day trying hopelessly to rearrange your desk! Yet every few months these people change your desk. For the better? Hardly.