Monday, October 18, 2010

FOX Has Dropped a Nuke

Public Knowledge reiterated the FOX blocking issue which I agree is wrong but I seemed not to have a problem with. Well, here we go, China in New York, the Mandarins at FOX have blocked my IP access! As of 16:00 on October 18th FOX seems back again blocking both. The Ayatollah of Sixth Avenue seems to feel free to do whatever they want. What next, block 911 calls!

There ought to be a law! It's like mom and dad having a fight, and I am there in the high chair and Mom decides to starve me even though dad gave her the means to feed me. A bit of a Family Guy allusion but alas FOX may have taken the step to get Net Neutrality initiated at last. And insured it is multilateral.

Good catch for PK.

And where is the FCC on all of this? Nowhere! Surprise!