Saturday, December 25, 2010

Change on the Cheap

Princeton is Harvard Square with no poor people. In today's world Harvard Square is Harvard Square with no poor people. The Princeton Prof ended a piece stating:

In 2008, progressives fell for the fantasy of hope and change on the cheap; they believed Obama’s promise that the reforms America needed could float through on a tide of bipartisan reconciliation. It was not to be, and clinging to that illusion will only lead to more defeats. If progressives want to rebound, they’ll have to fight.

On the cheap, one wonders what planet the person who made this remark has come from. There have been trillion spent, in just a few months of incompetent economic policy. Even the auto workers in Detroit got the hint, and that was the story of the last election. How much should we have indebted the people for? Tens of trillions, and behind that is what theory and based upon what facts. Why that even beat Chuckles my favorite Berkeley Prof, as she giggled her way through every presentation.

Hopefully we get better Government in the next two years, stalemates.