Saturday, December 4, 2010

Employment Stats: November 2010

We have looked at the depressing employment numbers and as we have been suspecting for almost the past two years since the Romer Report of January 11, 2009, they continue to go into the tank. I am continually amazed that we see Germany rebounding despite the issues there yet we see little if anything here. I suspect that we will not until Washington changes, it so reminds me of my time in Washington during Carter.

First we start with the latest data to set the true unemployment rate:

Then we apply this to get the rates below:

This shows that we are now close to 12.25% despite the numbers shown by DoL.We base this upon the numbers below where we keep the employment at a fixed percent of the population based upon January 2005.


Now the spread for November in employment in various sectors is below:

The percent changes are as shown below:

It should be noted that the gains are not necessarily where we seek them. The Government funded sectors are as we have seen them before, growing continually. There is one Government based employee per two non-Government based. We continue to approach Greece!

The detailed changes are shown below.