Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fat Kids, Blame the Seller

When did parental control get neutralized? When did parents stop saying no? Today in the Financial Times there is the story of a suit filed against McDonalds for selling food.

A US consumer advocacy group....(Center for Science in the Public Interest) ... has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s, accusing the fast-food chain of using deceptive advertising practices to lure children to the .... restaurants...The lawsuit .....accuses McDonald’s of using the promotional toys ... to get children to pester their parents into bringing them to its restaurants.

The problem is simple, don't bring your children there. If you do, be aware that a large fries, shake and some one of those cardboard flavored burgers with 900 kcal are not good for the child. At what point does the parent take responsibility.

Now again is the time for a "carb tax". Why the shake alone would produce enough nationwide to pay off the national debt if the problem is as big as one suspects. Or how about a "Just say NO" campaign.