Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Internet and Video

I have been spending the last few years helping a friend out with trying to proselytizing the use of video conferencing in non-profits. Yes, I do some other things in life. This I have been watching from the trenches as video usage has begun to explode. I just read a note on Monday Note which gives some interesting numbers.

Filoux states:

Here are the key numbers :

- Global IP traffic will quadruple between 2009 to 2014 as the number of internet users will grow from 1.7 billion today to 4 billion in 2020.

- In 2014, the Internet will be four times larger than it was in 2009. By year-end 2014, the equivalent of 12 billion DVDs will cross the Internet each month.

- It would take over two years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks every second in 2014.

In fact we see at Harvard and MIT the video traffic hitting 70% of the total load by the end of this year! I find that interesting. I have used my video somewhat, I would use it all the time, but the folks on the other side are not there yet. One of my associates is in Russia and we use it all them time. Not just using the Internet, and I2, but the video allows for a here now presence.

I suspect that the real change will be in video apps. Right not for friends I have an open door policy, if I know you, just drop into my "office". I suspect we are in Internet video where we were in telephony in 1877...just starting.