Monday, December 20, 2010

Two Years and Counting

It was two years ago today that I started this blog. Since then a few thousands of different people from 100+ countries have wandered by. Interesting and I thank them and hope they have gathered something.

The reason I started this was primarily the economic downturn and what I saw as the gross incompetence of economists to either understand it or respond to it. My opinion has gotten even stronger over this period. Also I saw that the incoming Administration was about to make changes in the US which people were not really ready for nor did they understand. I was not disappointed. First was health care, something I have been studying for decades, and was concerned about especially since the failed Hillary Care. I believe that the fight there is far from over. Also from time to time I comment on things out of the norm.

Well, just a thanks to my readers and I look forward to 2011. Hopefully we decrease the deficit and debt and get the health care bill declared unconstitutional and get something to work.