Sunday, November 27, 2011

And We Let Them Vote

I noticed a short piece by Gawker which included a plethora of "tweets" regarding the implausible endorsement of Newt by a "union leader". This came initially from DeLong.

Now having just returned from my home in New Hampshire, the northern Republican region to my New Jersey home, the Republican county of Morris and the most Republican town in the country, I was amazed of the general stupidity of twitter users. You see every town in northern New England has a Civil War memorial in the town center. A stature commemorating the survival of the Union, not the IBEW or Teamsters, but the real Union, like Lincoln and all that stuff about 150 years ago.

The idiots who tweeted though it was some New Hampshire labor union. That tells you a great deal of who made up the selection of the government which now rules, It is a terrifying fact, we have ignorant malcontents deciding who governs. It took much less to destroy Athens, in 400 BC that is.

Now for those who know little of New Hampshire one should be aware of Gov Meldrim Thomson who amongst his many claims sought to get nuclear weapons for the NH National Guard to protect us from those Canadians. Now I got to know the Gov when driving across Rt 25 over the hills past his farm. I often stopped and purchased a few vegetables and then passed the time on politics. Where else can one meet a Gov on a hill selling goods and who will share part of his day. Not in New Jersey, some of them are just trying to stay out of the local lock up. Same at times for New York.

But that is New Hampshire and that is why it is a good place to start. So for those twitter morons perhaps you may find that the union is the Union, the United States of America, and the Union Leader is the reflection of that concept.