Thursday, June 21, 2012

It Is a Horse for Pete's Sake

The New Yorker has a piece which excoriates Mrs. Romney's horse. Now I am not a big horse fan, I did clean stables in New York City, got stiffed by the owner, I believe it was in 1956, St Patrick's day to be precise. The old man owner had us clean out stables in return for payment. When all done he told us we were paid by learning how to work. This was a critical life lesson, always have a contract and never trust someone you do not know. As I later dealt with many international deals I always remembered the stiffing dealt by the old man owner, a permanent limbic valence.

I also rode a bit when in New Mexico, north of Taos, great riding, and in Virginia, all western. But I do appreciate dressage and I was personally introduced to Mrs. Romney's horse this past week.

But like any sport it does take effort, expertise, dedication. Also one should remember that Bloomberg's daughter is also in the sport.

So why the uproar, from Colbert? To those uneducated I guess it looks funny. But one should remember that sixty years ago it was dominated by the US Army! Yes soldiers were the riders and the Government frequently the owner.

You see it was the cavalry which started this and when they moved to tanks then it was moved to those who could afford it. This is not an inexpensive sport. Riders, trainers, vets, stable hands, and the list goes on. But frankly the animals are magnificent.

But the New Yorker should remember, never get between a girl and her horse.