Thursday, June 28, 2012

Logic and ACA

Down the rabbit hole we go. A tax, no there will be no tax.

Now the Times has comments worth a comment:

In the two years since the AHCA passed, My family has saved over 2000.00. My son, 24 has remained on my policy (I had been paying 400 a month for his insurance as he began his career.) My mother's drug bill dropped by several hundred dollars.

Now I can feel comfortable that my children, both who have had earlier bouts with respiratory illness but seem fine now, will not have to be saddled with high premiums or exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

I can feel comfortable that people I come into contact with who haven't had insurance will now be able to afford it.

Perhaps this reader will tell me who is paying for this? They are apparently clueless on this issue. Health Care is not free, that is the point.  When some person makes a comment like this it is clear to me that they have not a single idea that there are consequences. Even in Aristotle's day we knew every action had a reaction, in fact for 2,000 years that was the basis of the theories of motion, not some force at a distance. Somehow or other this people have a Newtonian idea that there is some force field of zero costs that enables all of this.

Every comment the above makes has a consequence, a cost, and yet the writer is totally above reality in never recognizing them.

At the other extreme as I had said some 3+ years ago as this disaster was brewing, Government mandates must carries, services few use and many abuse, and we all pay. A sad day for America, few of us ever understand the costs side, too many live in the wonderland of Government gifts.