Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some of the Worst Roads

Pennsylvania has some of the worst road maintenance practices in the world. Somehow they manage to take massive Interstate roads and close them to one lane on upgrades which are heavily traveled by trucks. I experienced 2-3 hour delays on I78 the other day as I observed these trucks in single file down to 20-30 mph and blockages some 6-10 miles long. The wasted fuel, time, costs, and when one passes the blockage there is no one doing anything but there is a sign proclaiming this a shovel ready stimulus job! Three years later!

Then there is New Jersey. Five lane highways, and they are expanding the NJ Turnpike an additional 3 lanes in each direction. Hundreds of people and moving machines. No delays, the trucks are doing 70+. And no Stimulus sign.

Why the difference? Is Pennsylvania that incompetent. New Jersey seems to have managed this through some of the most incompetent Governors, and we have had quite a few. Why the difference?