Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's 100F and I Just Feel Like Reading the Canadians

I never met Frances Woolley but I have a student or two in her University town. But here I am in my air conditioned office trying to bang out a few more pages on pathway dynamics of melanoma and its control when I see Frances and warts. Any excuse to get away from BRAF, MEK, p53, and PTEN. Go to warts. I am staring at the wart on my right hand, been there I think 50 years, yes Frances, they may never go away. I never found it a social stigma, but then again here I am typing this silly response.

So I guess when it gets a bit on the warm side up North they get to opine on those things that truly have meaning in life, warts. Now also having had the opportunity to have studied medicine, I know of lots of different warts. Warts in places that we never want to think of, rough warts, flat warts, itchy warts, just lots of warts. How to treat warts, first a small number may actually be a malignancy, but a very small number. Most are just, well, there. Some come and go, then there is the plantar wart on the bottom of your foot, may be uncomfortable, but is always a tough one to get rid of.

So is this a medical problem? I don't have a license so I can only speak from personal experience, not providing any medical advice, but well, it is akin to acne, do we go to a physician to get our acne fixed, well sixty years ago we did not, we just washed out faces with lye soap, probably why we look this way now!

But Frances did make my afternoon. As she says:

Sometimes, when others fail to act, private charities step in. Think, for example, of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's work on malaria. Unfortunately verucca vulgaris has failed to attract charitable donations, research dollars and high profile advocates. It's harder to raise funds for ugly animals than for beautiful ones; chronic problems like poverty attract relatively fewer donations than dramatic events like tsunamis. Donors get excited about saving lives, or making dramatic improvements in people's existence. Consequently, private funds for wart research are lacking.

Or perhaps a Saturday Night Live skit on a wart charity, the Wart Foundation. Perhaps that is also why so many US comedians are from Canada. Happy summer to all! Keep it up, it is to peak 105F on the morrow! What about this global warming stuff, perhaps there may be something there as well.