Monday, August 13, 2012

Ludus Numquam Finit

The family motto, "the fun never ends", and often meant with at best offhand humor. Fun often entails looking back and asking why we ever did this. Well the NY Times has a "fun" tale, building a scaffolding arounf the statue of Columbus on 59th Street.

They state:

“I like it,” he said recently. “I think it’s fun.” The fun is just beginning, with the scaffolding rising for the piece, by the Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi, who plans to furnish the living room with couches, lamps and a coffee table for visitors, who will be able to commune face to face in homey comfort with the 13-foot tall explorer as he pokes up into the space from atop his lofty pedestal. 

Yes the fun is just beginning.  More crowds, more traffic and some "artists" view of greatness. Why not ust leave things alone and let us have "fun" with what we have. Why add more "fun" to the mess.