Sunday, April 19, 2015

Antitrust and the Brit

And now the Brit at the Guardian takes after Google. He states:

For all their promise of openness and equality, the technologies of the internet also promote the creation of giant companies. The question facing us as a society is what trade-offs we make: does the bigger danger lie in allowing the creation of unalloyed corporate power, or instead in curbing technology’s potential to prevent it? The question could become moot: in practical terms, if Google trounces the EU on all counts after several years, few other competition authorities will want to take on the company, and they may even be deterred from pursuing other internet behemoths. A decade or so without a challenge may make a new normal near irreversible.

This is not a logical argument, it is a crie de coeur, French is always a good way to bemoan the Brits,  especially those who appear to be totally ignorant of monopolies. Just because a company has a large market share does not make it a monopoly. Perhaps it is just better! And oh by the way it is free!

One could not do what one creats today without Google. Yahoo is a cacaphony of ads, nonsense, and useless blather. Bing is Microsoft, incomprehensible and insulting. Google, well it just works. So the Brits now want it dead! Yes, those same characters who, after the Danes, came and occupied the last vestige of intellectual acumen in the 11th century with the near imbecile of a King, John!

Perhaps we should return to a court with Henry VIII and the beheading of spouses, or perhaps they can take that out of the History books, except perhaps Wolf Hall, or whatever that is.