Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Free Range Kids

Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn were a prototype free range child. Whether down the Mississippi or convincing others to do their work, it was a process of learning and development. In the present day one gathers that even walking home from school becomes the business of the state. As Cato notes:

On Sunday afternoon Montgomery County, Maryland police and Child Protective Services seized the free-range ...v children, 10 year old ... and 6 year old ..., after their parents, .. and her husband .., had again let them play by themselves at a park in Silver Spring, just outside D.C

Now back some sixty plus years walking to school or anywhere in New York was de rigeur. In fact when I was I believe 9, I set out on my bike, across State Island, then across the Goethals Bridget, up Route 1 and 9 to Newark Airport. Doing that a few time got me to know the pilots. Then on board an Eastern shuttle, a Constellation, and well, today we would have dozens of folks under some legal mess.

Adventures are part of childhood. Understanding risks, and understanding the world come hand in hand. Government nanny states destroy the fundamentals of individualism and imprint stateism. Free Range children are individuals in search of adventure. We need more of them.