Sunday, April 12, 2015

“You didn’t build that”

Boudreaux at George Mason has a bit of a sparkling post on the left wing's current stupidity on “you didn’t build that” stuff. It is akin to the "privilege" non-sense that they spout. What Boudreaux seems to miss is my personal example of building a company in 20 countries, outside of the US. Do I thank Vladimir Putin for my Russian operations? Frankly yes, in a strange way. Now in Czech Republic, who do I thank there, well frankly my Czech partners who believed in me and trusted what we did and worked their hearts out!

Did Senator Warren and the US help at all? Frankly the success was despite the US, because locals had seen the arrogance of the AT&T's and the US public companies, what I gave them was self ownership, not vassalage.

Thanks for nothing may be my mantra here. It was the FCC and many other US entities that stood in the way. It was Russian, Czech, Austrian, Polish, Slovak, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Thai, Korean, etc creativity that made it work. Thus Boudreaux should consider those of us who set out with a credit card and some local contacts and created something extra the US. Frankly there is only one country more complicated and Government controlled to work in, Greece.

No, I didn't build that, we built it! Yes it included the Russians, one of the best of partners.