Saturday, August 22, 2015

Making Windows 10 Look Like XP

Microsoft is not very user friendly. Really not friendly. Well welcome to Windows 10. Just got a pad to use and it comes with 10. Now Dell makes a fantastic product. Then on to W10.

First thing I do is get rid of all the junk that some marketing guru, a true oxymoron for Microsoft, wants me to have. Change screen to classic blue and layout the files folders like my other 7 machines. That way no visual dissonance.

Then go to start and get rid of all the junk. Tons of junk, none of which I will ever use!

Then make a Recovery stub. No wait, it seems that no one has been able to do this yet. You have to Google this since Microsoft tells you they have too many questions and yours is not important.

But, there is a back door, a Windows 7 restore to a 1TB disk. Got that done.

Then try and get Bluetooth working! It connects, then drops, and then, well I have no idea what then. To see how bad Microsoft is one need look no further than the "Support" pages. The Company in my opinion must really despise its customers. The poor customer had the same issues I did. Now bluetooth is really simple. I have it in my car, my GPS, dozens of other computers. But for Microsoft, taking a simple need and turning it into massive neuro surgery in the dark is common place!

Then there is your WiFi. For various reasons it drops you, sending you to Airplane mode. This happens randomly.

Yes, it can be made to look and almost act like XP. But given a clean install and the mess so far I could see no rational human upgrading from W7 to W10! Why upgrade to a system which the users have not shaken down yet. Yes, that is Microsoft. Thank God Google still works, but I suspect they will also soon be going the way of Seattle. Pity.