Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why Windows 10 is Like a California Ham Sandwich

Now a few years ago I wrote about my saga of getting a ham on rye sandwich in California. Some how in California no one listens to the customers, they all want to add something. I noticed Panera also acts that way but not as bad as California. You ask for a "ham on rye" and they ask if you want sprouts or onions, peppers or tomatoes, "you want chips or fries".

All I wanted was ham on rye! I then did the Jack Nicholson thing; hold the tomatoes, hold the peppers, hold the fries!

Then I found someone who had experience. He said; "You from New York?" "Yeah!" then he said: "Two pieces of rye with ham in between, nothing else, yeas!" I answered, "got it!"

Now W10 is like a California sandwich. Instead of getting the computer you get their graphics, their placements, their way of doing things which when you try do not work.

Why not try like  ham on rye. Let me decide what to add, lay out the condiments. Don't force me to figure out how to scrape off the avocado stuff, I hate avocados. I also hate mayonnaise on ham! I like mustard and I want to put on my own amount!

So W10 comes as Seattle would like you to consume it. I guess that is also why I hate Starbucks. Try and get a small regular black coffee!