Friday, April 1, 2016

Adult Supervision

The Guardian tells of the Google April Fool joke. Now really, you suspect that the kids at Google would ever consider consequences, after all they are Masters of the Game, King of the Hill, Gods of the Universe. So people got fired, lost jobs, had other personal disasters.

As The Guardian notes:

The first of April is normally a day of frothy fun, where newspapers and brands compete to produce the best jokes and the worst puns to fool their readers. But this year some of the more complex pranks did not go quite to plan. Google’s April Fools’ Day prank had to be pulled within hours after some users complained a new feature installed in their email service, Gmail, might have cost them their jobs or reputations. The stunt was the “Gmail Mic Drop”, an augmented send button which attached a gif animation clip of a crown-wearing Minion character from the film Despicable Me dropping a microphone like a brash rap star, which instantly ended an email exchange. 

Well welcome to the world of real privilege.  They can watch your email, scan your searches, time your day, monitor your likes and dislikes.

Perhaps there should be an "Adult Supervision" branch located in Topeka to approve of any of the brainchildren.