Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Some thirty seven years ago I discovered disintermediation. Some call it "creative destruction". Simply it is the process whereby and existing channel of distribution, say selling shoes, gets changed. So we go from a system where to obtain a pair of shoes we go to a shoe maker, who measures our feet, asks us what type of leather we want and then after some long period we get our shoes.

In this world, which actually existed, we may have one or at best two pairs of shoes. First they are expensive and second shoemakers can just make so many.

Switch to Amazon. I can log on look for what I want and then get it delivered the same day. Also the price is such that I may have a dozen or more shoes. Athletic shoes, beach shoes, dress shoes, hiking boots, snow shoes, and a second or third pair of dress shoes. Lots of shoes.

What happened. Disintermediation. The distribution channel changed. The nexus between maker and consumer was dis-intermediated by multiple parties including Amazon.

Now go to the current Twitter President. And the Movie Elite. Back in the old days of cobblers, the Movie Elite had a hand in glove relationship, symbiotic as it was, with the Broadcast media. If it were NBC or ABC or whatever, some movie elite could make a statement about a politician and the networks would carry it and if the politician did not like it the best they could hope for was some Page 10 note commenting on such.

Now with Twitter, I don't use it so I am relying on the media, true, fake and otherwise that iut exists, the movie elite and the media elite get dis-intermediated. Like the old cobbler, they get shouted down by the person with some 140 characters!

These folks have not yet realized that the game has changed. Communications channels are ever more fluid and can be rapidly dis-intermediated. RT knows this better than China Daily. Trump knows this better than the Elites.

It will be interesting to see how this changes. Oh and yes, since I have never seen a football game and have no idea about this martial arts thing, I boxed as a young man, but only until my nose was broken three times, I have no Ox to be gored in this fight. One player brings all the power of the Elites, the other brings Twitter. So who do you think will win?