Monday, February 13, 2017

Economists Take on Medicine!

Several Tax and Spend Republicans have taken on Excess Carbon Emissions by taxing it. Well imagine what they can do for Medicine and Health Care in general.

Let's say you have Leukemia. You are dying. Yep, near death. These bright folks have the solution. A thousand years ago they would have bled you, but now, they tax you! Yep. They tax you say $50,000, but, if you get well, well they give you a tax credit! Yep a good old Republican tax credit. That means if you live and get back out there in the fields cutting the sugar cane for 16 hours a day, you will not have to pay taxes for at least 50 years. If you die, then they get to put a lien on your estate, on top of the death tax, and the estate tax, and....

Don't we all love these Tax and Spend Republicans. Imagine what they can do replacing the ACA. Bad to worse? No way, think of all those tax credits you get if you somehow heal thyself!

Oh, and better yet, that $1.5 trillion in Health Care costs, they just disappear! Imagine that. Gone!

After all, if it works for one kind of carbon why not another? Harvard can just shut down the Med School, and triple the Economics Department. And don't forget those folks at MIT who brought you the ACA in the first place! And they thought you were just dumb!