Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Some Thoughts on Student Debt

Student debt continues to rise. What value is it? Clearly it continues to explode and laves us with what? Unemployed millennials? Is it the education that is failing? It was a pity to see students at MIT in the main lobby with finger paints making posters as if they were in Kindergarten. The failure is leadership. We have an overburden of in my opinion useless and dysfunctional administrators. More Deans than students. Everyone gets a title, an office, and massive benefits.
The above is the plot of annualized growth by quarter. A reduction from before 2008 but not a great deal. Somehow this burden will boomerang back on those who built what we had, and those who created this mess will prosper even more.

I suspect each snowflake will seek to blame everyone but themselves. Pity.