Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Health Care Plan

Perhaps thinking about a Health Plan is too hard. Let's try something easy. Ask if there are insurance plans that almost everyone has that seem to work. The answer is yes; it is automobile insurance. So let's start with that idea, there are no mass rallies on unfair auto insurance, at least none on the media, so we make the following suggestion.

1. A Health Plan must be mandatory for all. Too bad, you got to have one.

2. The Health Plan is on an individual basis, no employer nonsense. That means we are all on a level playing field.

3. The minimum coverage is like an auto plan. You have to have say a $1 million catastrophic coverage plan. Want more? Then go pay for it but it is not mandated. Want towing, broken windows, oil changes, go but it and pay for it.

4.  There should be no age penalty. If you have to have coverage then you have it all your life. That means the actuaries must factor in a life time coverage cost. Too bad for the kids, but they too will get old.

5. No pre-existing condition coverage concerns. You sign up, no questions asked. However that it only for catastrophic coverage.

6. Drugs? Now drugs are part of treatment, and catastrophic often being the most costly. So they get covered. However need an antibiotic or birth control are whatever, you can buy a plan or pay. You choose.

7. Now for the hard part. Insurance must be country wide and you must be able to deal directly with an insurer. No brokers, no state limitations. Can rates be different by region? Good question? Don't have a good answer for that one.

8. Support? If someone cannot work, due to say a disability, then they get covered. If someone wants to explore their dreams, tough, get a job or pay a penalty, a big one. That was a big problem with the ACA. The arrogant characters in HHS lauded the fact that some thirty year old could get full coverage for say $10 a month while pursuing their dream of being a Tibetan flute player while folks on Medicare were paying tens of thousands on top of what they already contributed for over 50 years! The HHS snowflakes just rubbed it into the eyes of the poor schlubs paying their salaries.

9. Otherwise you can do this in just a few pages. Keep Medicare out of the fray for now. Just solve the other problem first.

10. Now I said this eight years ago but Politicians being Politicians just approved what some third parties wrote for them.

11. Finally, keep the evil academics out of this! Really. One academic, one economist, and well, see you on the ninth circle of Hell!