Monday, March 27, 2017


I think I am understanding this snowflake explosion. namely folks who believe the world is collapsing about them and the world is dominated by evil people and that they must be protected. Thus the idea that science is being suppressed and that resistance is essential to their survival. Now we are not in Stalinist USSR nor in Hitlerian Germany. Yet the response of these folks seems to be on such a level.

I will be the first to admit that Washington is a mess. It was ever since George gave the country the swamp land along the Potomac. It was a malaria ridden piece of useless land, not good for farming and on the wrong side of the Potomac for George. Now George like Mount Vernon, up on a hill side, good farmable land, and safely in Virginia. So why not look good and give the new country that Maryland side which no one wanted anyhow. Even the Brits had DC as a hardship post for its diplomats in the 19th century. Malaria and even yellow fever at times. It was a swamp! Nothing really has changed, metaphorically that is.

Now along comes the snowflakes in NEJM:

In the face of suppression of science, should scientists resist, or quietly proceed with their work? Resistance seems essential. That the CDC postponement prompted a coalition to form and organize an alternative meeting. reminds us that resistance is as much about ensuring effective dissemination of findings as about continuing to conduct science. But it’s critical to recognize that suppressing science does not cause disbelief; rather, disbelief, particularly of science pertaining to highly politicized topics such as climate change, creates a cultural environment in which suppression of science is tolerated. So the real question is how do we resist effectively? How do we convince a skeptical public to believe in science?

Just what suppression is occurring? Government changes and focus changes. Ever think of striking out on your own! Like entrepreneurs, independent of Government, get a great deal done on less. Government should not and must not be the sole supporter of science. No one is silencing any scientist, even if a Government changes hands. Go elsewhere, young person, and strike out on your own! As for resistance, the ultimate form is the same, going out on your own! You will not melt.

This fear that "mommy" Government may not "give" them what the "need", or "demand", is neither suppression nor should it warrant resistance. Cancer cure is a challenge. Cancer inflicts its pain on everyone, sooner or later. So go out and get funding from everyone. Frankly Government funding has its own serious drawbacks. Government bureaucrats determine what direction is best, demand large "team" efforts, and can just as quickly and arbitrarily change course.

So stop crying, stop resisting, and do something productive!