Wednesday, June 7, 2017


The Guardian has an interesting piece in "hugs". They note:

When will Jerry Seinfeld learn about hugging? Given that his celebrated sitcom’s unsentimental tone was based on their “no hugging, no learning” writers’ room maxim, possibly never. And, clearly, time is running out if a recent encounter with Kesha is anything to go by. Seinfeld was being interviewed by US radio host Tommy McFly at an event in Washington DC on Tuesday, when the pop star interrupted them to announce: “Oh my gosh, I love you so much.” “Oh, thanks,” said Jerry.
”Can I give you a hug?” asked Kesha. “No, thanks,” Seinfeld said.

This is interesting since I spent last weekend at one of my grandson's graduations where the Episcopal, read Church of England, Oxford educated, headmaster hugged each and every graduate! It would have been child abuse a decade ago!

Now I am from the older generation where even "kissing" was frowned upon, germs I was told. Hugs! Why the other fellow could stab you in the back, especially if you were in Washington. Professional full time GS-12 backstabbers all over!

The first time I cam to this hugging thing was a friend who lives in San Francisco who came to New York and greeted me with a hung, in the middle of Manhattan. Yes the crowd around look at bit askance, it was an investment bank after all. But in San Francisco one is expected to do the extreme. New York on the other hand is truly a social conservative holdout. We do not even acknowledge others on an elevator!