Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What if Amazon Ran Healthcare?

Amazon is a great company. Really. I now get almost all personal and business purchases from them.

Now compare them to almost any health care entity, insurer to nurse. Amazon sees me as a customer. The current health care folks see me as an interruption to their personal world. I pay Amazon for service, in health care that nexus is gone.

If I have a problem with an Amazon transaction, I even get a call within a hour to remedy it! Try that with any healthcare provider.

For example I have a health care intermediary selected by a company bought by that man in Omaha who thinks he knows everything. This intermediary has a Better Business Profile that is just a step above Satan! One reads tales of poor old lady retiree taking forever to even get the phone answered and their claims denied for no reason.

Amazon and of course Bezos likes its customers and treats them with dignity. So why not get into healthcare. Get your medical care insurance from Amazon, choose your urologist from Amazon, look at the number of stars for your choice, compare prices.

This could be a great improvement! OK so Bezos and the WaPo are a bit wacky, the rest of what he does is fantastic. There is 18% of the economy just sitting there. Whole Foods is a millennial hangout, but everyone needs health care sometime.

So Mr. Bezos, I could set this up in a heart beat for you. Just give me a call!