Tuesday, June 13, 2017

You Don't Need Instruments in your Car (Airplane, whatever)

I noted a piece today about monitoring blood sugar for people with Type 2 Diabetes. Frankly it can be "cured" in almost 90% of the cases by loosing wight and keeping BMI less than 23. But who cares, most physicians send the patient off with meds, and let the patient think that if they take the meds they are fine. High blood glucose causes inflammation and inflammation is a major cause of cancer. Thus pushing down the HgA1B is a bit deceptive. The weight is still there. the fat is the inflammatory cause, and off we go.

In a WebMD piece the author states:

People with type 2 diabetes who aren't taking insulin don't necessarily need to check their blood sugar levels, a new study contends. Many of these patients use "finger prick" blood sugar monitors, but "testing blood sugar didn't have any impact on their blood sugar," said study author ......... "The best way to control blood sugar is to take your medication the way your doctor asks you to and to take good care of yourself," she said. "The key is really taking your medications." Monitoring might be helpful when starting a new medication or changing doses, Young said.

Monitoring blood sugar should be the best early warning sign. Even before one starts taking meds. Fasting blood sugar is a red light for improper diet. Those late night cookies, ice cream, soda, cake, etc drive up the FBS. So why not start before one needs meds. It tells you if your oil pressure is dropping, if you are running out of gas, or the altitude is too low.

Pilots make mistakes when the do not pay attention to instruments. The instrument is an early warning signal. Meds are just wearing blinders and hoping for the best. It does not happen.