Thursday, July 6, 2017

Government Does Not Seem to Be Able to Do Anything

The NJ Transit announced:

Jul 06, 2017  09:48:41 PM Train service is suspended in and out of Penn Station New York due to a minor NJ Transit train derailment. All mid-town direct trains will be diverted To HOB

 Yes indeed, another train fell off the track. Our outgoing Gov spends time on closed public beaches, only God knows what the Secretary of Transportation does for a living, and the trains keep falling off the tracks. Metaphor anyone?

Next Monday they close Penn Station. That's 600,000 people per day. Go where? We need a new Dante!

And yes, there is zero chance that the work will be done on time or correctly. It is after all the Government folks are doing it. The only thing it will do is pad Pensions for these folks, Sad!