Sunday, July 2, 2017

Health Care Strategy

Eight years ago as the former Administration and Congress pushed the existing ACA, the media and the "think tanks" aligned with the Administration extolled the advantages and disadvantages of the collection of plans and how they finally morphed into what became the ACA.

In reality it was a massive Potemkin Village attack. While the focus was on trivial issues, the hidden agenda of control and taxation received no coverage. For example Medicare on all capital gains was never discussed, EHR mandates never discussed, and such flawed entities such as the USPSTF and PCORI were never discussed.

Bottom line, we all focused on the Potemkin Village while not seeing the armed vehicles come down the back road and add $400 billion to our annual deficit! Only half of that is excess Medicaid.

Now what have the Republicans done. Nothing. They have no voices out there with tables and charts, not specifics on anything, and they never even built a Potemkin Village! In fact they do not even have fuel for their tanks! The Senate head seems as lost as his spouse who seems to be fiddling while Penn Station, well euphemistically at least, "Burns".

Eight years ago I could read the Bill, make my nasty comments and bemoan our fate. Now we can read nothing and in fact our fate is now being cast in concrete.

It is a shame that we cannot reach some agreement. But alas, it is Washington!