Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Healthcare Expenditures

The CBO published a report containing the data below.
Let us examine the above:

1. Medicare is a paid for insurance plan. eight years ago we showed that any middle class person contributing for their 50 years would have paid into he plan, assuming interest at the FED rate in excess of any benefits. Thus Medicare is a paid up benefit. In addition Medicare still charges for participation and still one needs extra coverage. Thus for those who have never held a reasonable job and paid little into Medicare it is a free ride, for all others we pay well more than any benefit!

2. Medicaid is a free plan. The ACA double Medicaid coverage adding $250 billion to this plan. BUT, it was to stop and fall upon the states. As some Governors try to allege, falsely so, we are not expected to keep filling up their trough.

3. ACA Support is the $250 billion being spent for Obamacare payments on the Exchange. Add that to the Medicare expansion and we have $600 billion we never had before!

4. Insurance is what the working folks pay!

5. Out of Pocket is again the working folks.

6. Other is the working folk.

Thus almost $600 billion is added to our deficit and growing. The folks who pay their own way, including Medicare, will ultimately have to pay for this excess free riders!